Weekly Update for November 17, 2014

Race Results
Ironman Arizona
Congratulations to all of the finishers at Ironman Arizona. Below are the Durapulse athletes who participated.
11:07:06 Rob Steinberg
12:26:14 Marvin Malkowski
13:13:10 Ryan Ferreira

Wildflower Triathlon
Registration has opened for the Wildflower Triathlon to be held in May 2015. You can register at www.tricalifornia.com. The rate will increase December 1st so register now to get a lower entry fee. I have reserved a house that will sleep 10 people for this event. The cost will be $150/person for the weekend. There are only 10 spots available and if you would like one of the spots please respond to this e-mail and I will reserve a spot for you.

2015 Race Season
In 2005 I had a vision of creating a coaching company that catered to endurance athletes and helped them accomplish greatness in the sport of triathlon. It’s been 10 years since the establishment of Durapulse Performance Company and I have coached hundreds of triathletes during that time to great success. I would like to celebrate the past 10 years and the next 10 years with an amazing 2015 season.

2015 will also be the 10 year anniversary of Ironman Arizona, a race that I did that inaugural year back in April of 2005. Ironman Arizona will be the focus race for Durapulse in 2015. I want to create a super team with every intention for each individual I coach to conquer Ironman by finishing with one or all of the following: a personal best time, standing upon the podium, and receiving the highly coveted Ironman World Championship spot for 2016. This team will follow a specialized plan to accomplish these specific goals. The group, coached and led by one who desires the same goals for himself while leading his team, will train together daily, weekly, and monthly preparing themselves to accomplish greatness. We will push each other, encourage each other, and celebrate our accomplishments together.

I have already started programming the 2015 season with training to begin January 1st. The first major event of the season will be the Wildflower Triathlon on May 1-3. Registration is now open for Wildflower at http://www.tricalifornia.com/register/. Register soon because the races fill in a couple months. There is a Half, Olympic, and off-road race over the weekend. No other event is like the Wildflower Triathlon. The course is challenging yet rewarding and the venue highlights why we do the sport, with friendly people, high profile athletes, and the feeling of accomplishment when finished. The majority of accommodations at Wildflower are camping tents but there are a few more comfortable options. I am looking into renting a house or a couple of RVs for this trip.

After Wildflower the team will take a mid season break before beginning the specialized training for Ironman in July. During the build up for Ironman in November there will be some races to help prepare for the big day, including Ironman Silverman 70.3 in October. This is the former Ironman 70.3 World Championship course in Henderson, Nevada.

I understand that there a some of you who have committed to other races in 2015. These races will be factored into your individual training plans. I still invite you to be a part of this super team to prepare for IMAZ as the main event in 2015.

If you want to accomplish greatness in 2015 and train with the best triathletes in Arizona then mark the above races on your calendar. I want to make a huge push in 2015 for my athletes. It’s my 10 year anniversary and I am going all in by committing to train along side all of you as a leader and an example. I want to prove that after racing for 15 years and at the ripe age of 37 with four kids and running a business that greatness can still be accomplished. With that said, I promise that my commitment is to my athletes and I will put their training above my own in an effort to help them reach their lofty goals in 2015. After 10 years of coaching I have learned many ways to get fit and fast but no gadget, philosophy, or method will get someone to the finish line the fastest or healthiest without smart hard work. There will be a lot of smart hard work in this program but the rewards will be more satisfying than ever.

Many have already committed to this “2015 Durapulse Super Team.” Are you in??

Team Party
Mark your calendars for Friday January 16, 2014 for the Durapulse Team Party to kick off the 2015 season. This will be a family friendly party held at Power in Motion with food and activities..

Weekly Update for November 3, 2014

Race Results
Congratulations to all the Durapulse athletes who raced over the last two weeks. Some have huge success while others faced challenges they were not prepared for, yet all conquered their respective races and walked away healthy and with more pride in themselves than ever.

Here is a excerpt from Laurel’s race report:
“Here are the number positives… I PRd this course by 20 minutes I PRd my bike time by 37 minutes! with crazy bike issues… I only gave up two positions on the bike and i had so many things go wrong and had to stop so many times [Her drivetrain broke and brakes would not release]… My swim was good and my run was horrible. But i put it all together overcame the odds.

We rarely have the perfect day, rarely have all the luck on our side… What truly defines us as athletes and as humans, is what we do at our darkest, how we handle the bad races and more importably how we move forward after. This race flat sucked. I feel like I sucked. But i know i don’t!!. I’m faster, stronger, wiser and I have more courage than I have ever had….I learned that in the darkest of times with all my demons at my back, that I have built the mental strength to power on. There is always a key, a path, a way through….I race XTERRA because I love to race. I love to train, and I love the friendships I have built because of it….I race because it pulls out the best and worst in me and gives me an opportunity to reflect on who that woman is!! And most importantly I race because most of the time, there is that moment… we have all had it, that one moment in every race, where you say to yourself, WOW, I am alive and I am awesome. I felt it today at the start of the swim….I still had that one moment of joy. And that, was worth all the training, all the sacrifice, and all the hurt. I was reminded again, that I am XTERRA and I love it.

XTERRA World Championships
4:22:07 Laurel Sroufe

Ironman 70.3 Miami
5:33:07 Lowry Barfield
6:05:15 Jo-Ann Barfield

OCR World Championships
3:09:16 Mike Sanchez (4th Overall Journeyman Division)

Mesa Tri
21:09 Sarah Plant (1st Overall Female)
22:40 Emily Plant (2nd Overall Female)
23:34 Colorado Stanley (3rd AG M9-10)
24:18 Sophia Kosednar (3rd Overall Female)
29:35 Megan Horlick
35:49 Andrew Horlick
1:29:30 Jayda Price (1st AG 19 and under)

Phoenix Half Marathon
1:43:35 Chris Levally

Upcoming Races
Ironman Arizona is less than two weeks away and to finalize your preparation for the event there will be an open water swim on November 8th at 7AM at Butcher Jones Cove at Saguaro Lake. This swim is for everyone, not just those doing Ironman the following weekend. The swim will start with some open water swim instruction and then we will set out to swim 2.4 miles in the lake. The SUP will be available for assistance. Wetsuits are highly recommended. This is a free swim but you will need to purchase a Tonto National Forest parking pass at any area Circle K to use the lake. Be prepared to start swimming at 7AM. That means wetsuits on and ready to go at 7AM.

Weekly Update for October 20, 2014

Race Results
Prescott 6er Mountain Bike Endurance Race
Joe McGinty (4th Overall)

SOMA Triathlon
4:19:18 DuraChamps: Evan Barrick, Nick Goodman, Elliot Kawaoka (1st Overall Relay)
4:41:47 Jason Sexauer (2nd AG M35-39)
5:09:59 Michael Hartman
5:16:17 Jenni Marshall (3rd AG F40-44)
5:17:07 Patrick Bass
5:22:02 Durapulse III: Lowry Barfield, Mike Sanchez, Chris Levally
5:46:29 Galina Kelly
6:26:39 Tara Cormier

Seville Sports Club Triathlon
26:07 Sarah Plant (1st Overall Female)
28:48 Emily Plant (2nd Overall Female)
28:59 Jayda Price (3rd Overall Female)
46:38 Colorado Stanley (3rd AG M19 and Under)
47:57 Sophia Kosednar (1st AG F19 and Under)

Upcoming Races
Mike Sanchez will be racing in Ohio at the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championships tomorrow.

Laurel Sroufe will be racing at the XTERRA World Championships in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday.

November Open Water Swim Clinic
On Saturday, November 8th, Durapulse will be hosting an open water swim clinic from Butcher Jones Cove at Saguaro Lake. The clinic will begin at 7AM and will consist of a 2.5 mile swim following 30 minutes of open water swim instruction. This is a great opportunity to swim long with many others in an open water environment. Wetsuits are recommended.

Power in Motion Endurance
Durapulse Performance Company and Power in Motion CrossFit have recently partnered to bring a successful strength and conditioning program to endurance athletes. Formerly DuraFit, this new “CrossFit for endurance” program will use the same proven training methods that Durapulse has utilized that has brought so many endurance athletes incredible success over the past few years.

The program involves daily classes that will be a part of a strength and conditioning program and will train the three energy systems of the body for complete fitness in endurance sports. Many endurance athletes neglect their phosphagen and anaerobic energy systems while giving exclusive focus to their aerobic energy system (ie. “long, slow distance”). To build and maintain complete fitness, and to race effectively, one must train all three energy systems. This program goes beyond the “general physical preparedness” that CrossFit is know for. And the ability to endure is not enough to race well. Participants will build endurance along with strength, power, speed, stamina, agility, accuracy, balance, coordination, and flexibility for their target endurance events. These physical attributes will be developed through various weightlifting and gymnastic (body weight) exercises combined with swimming, biking, and running.

The classes will involve cycling on bike trainers, running, and strength and conditioning methods with an emphasis on great technique, consistency, and work, to develop participants into the strongest and fastest endurance athlete that they can be. Those looking to build durability and resilience in their bodies while developing an increase in work capacity are great candidates for this program. This program is specialized for those training for endurance events, including running, cycling, and triathlon.

Most classes are 90 minutes in duration and will follow this format: warm up, skill and technique session, Workout of the Day (biking or running), strength work, cool down with stretching and mobility work.

Classes begin September 29th with the following schedule:

Monday 5:30-6:30AM (CrossFit Strength and Conditioning)
Tuesday 5:30-7:00PM (Bike emphasis)
Wednesday 5:30-7:00AM (Run emphasis)
Thursday 5:30-7:00PM (Run emphasis)
Friday 5:30-7:00AM (Bike emphasis)

The cost of the program is $199/month and includes a general weekly training plan for target events. The training plan will be interactive through Training Peaks (must set up a free account). The plan will give specific swim, bike, and run workouts during the week and on the weekend. For those only wanting to supplement their training program with strength and conditioning there is an option to attend any two classes/week for $149/month. Drop-ins are also available for a daily fee. Current Durapulse members will receive a discount off the listed price.

Power in Motion CrossFit is located at 16679 N. 90th St, Suite 102, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 near the 101 Freeway and Bell Rd.

I am very excited about this new partnership. Power in Motion has incredible equipment for the needs of triathletes and beyond. The gym location is near fantastic routes for road and off-road training. This is a great opportunity for Durapulse to bring better coaching to the endurance athletes in the valley.

Nick Goodman

Weekly Update for October 13th, 2014

Race Results
Congratulations to Elliot Kawaoka and Dmitry Baer for their perseverance in finishing the incredibly tough course in Kona at the Ironman World Championships. Laurel Sroufe won her first XTERRA race over the weekend at the Rock Hopper at Papago Park in Tempe. Laurel will be racing in Maui at the XTERRA World Championships on October 26th.
Ironman World Championships
11:12:20 Elliot Kawaoka
11:12:20 Dmitry Baer

XTERRA Rock Hopper
2:00:58 Laurel Sroufe (1st AG F35-39)
2:35:06 Tara Cormier

Upcoming Races
October 19 SOMA Triathlon
October 19 TriFamily Seville
October 26 XTERRA World Championships

November Clinic
On November 8th, the weekend before Ironman Arizona, Durapulse will hold an open water swim clinic at Saguaro Lake. We will start from Butcher Jones Cove and swim to the marina and back, a 2.5 mile course in the open waters of Saguaro Lake. Wetsuits are recommended.

Weekly Update for October 6, 2014

Race Results
Silverman 70.3
5:23:53 Robert Steinberg
6:02:54 Patrick Bass

Bartlett Lake Duathlon
1:14:26 Bret Keller (1st Overall)

October Tri Clinic
This Saturday is the monthly Durapulse Tri Clinic.. The venue will be at the Granite Reef recreation area on the Salt River along Bush Highway in Mesa. The Granite Reef dam creates a great swimming spot along the popular cycling route on Bush Hwy. Start time will be 6AM with a swim in the river. Following an hour of open water swim skill work the group will then ride the 18 mile Bush Hwy/Usery loop multiple times with a bike lane the entire way. The clinic will finish with a transition run along Bush Hwy. SAG and BBQ lunch will be provided. This clinic is free to Durapulse athletes and $20 for all others. A Tonto parking pass is required at the Granite Reef recreation site and can be purchased at the nearest convenient stores. Granite Reef is located a few miles north of Thomas Rd when Power Rd. turns into Bush Hwy at the Salt River. The recreation area is at the bottom of the hill with the river in sight.

Upcoming Races
Ironman World Championships
Dmitry Baer and Elliot Kawaoka will be racing on the Big Island of Hawaii this Saturday at the Ironman World Championships. This will be Dmitry’s first race in Kona and Elliot’s second time. You can watch their race live on Saturday at www.ironmanlive.com

XTERRA Rock Hopper
The first ever official XTERRA race in Tempe Lake is this Sunday. More info at www.4peaksracing.com

SOMA Triathlon
October 19th is the annual SOMA event in Tempe. Durapulse have many racing the half and relay. If you are not racing come down and join the party and cheer on your teammates and everyone else. More info at www.aztriseries.com.